• Made in textured faux leather and black sequinned net lace.
  • Semi-boned and lined.
  • This gown is to be worn with your desired colour tights,  jeans or if you are feeling quirky, wear it with shorts or hot pants. Style it in different ways. 
  • Try wearing it with a nice collared white shirt underneath as well. This piece will surprise you with its versatility.
  • Will fit the following measurements: Bust 90cm, waist for 70-71cm, hips 100cm.
  • Front bodice length (From chest to end of faux leather) - approx 39cm, side is approx 40cm and back is approx 32cm. These measurements are taken when not worn.
  • Skirt length (sequinned net) - Front is approx 125cm and back is 128cm with train. The front skirt is open from the thighs.


Only 1 size left. This design is not available for made-to-measure.



Textured faux leather with black sequinned skirt

    • Faux leather - Most stains can be removed from faux leather with just a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water. For difficult-to-remove stains, put a tiny amount of gentle detergent on the cloth, and lightly scrub the stain.
    • Sequinned skirt and bodice lining can be gently hand-washed.
    • Never place faux leather in the dryer. Hang inside out on a sturdy hanger, and allow them to drip-dry. Drying can take up to 24 hours. To speed drying time, wipe down the garment with a soft, absorbent microfiber cloth.