I design and make the clothes myself. You know... like Fräulein Maria from the Sound of Music.  I design, pattern-make them and sew them as well. It's a one-man show.


Limited production for exclusivity.  Let's keep it like when Miley and Samantha wore the same dress on the red carpet in Sex and the City. Same frock different styles.


Is the design you like out of stock or  doesn't have the size you want? Don't worry because I can custom-make them for you. Send me a message via the Contacts Page for enquiries.


Aside from this online store, I also do pop-up shops so follow me on Insta and Facebook to know my whereabouts. My home/showroom in Hibsicus Coast Auckland is also open for you to visit so you can try the clothes on. Schedule an appointment via the Contacts Page.