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I believe that fashion is art because it's someone else's emotions that are being shared with the world to experience.


I am inspired by people, pivotal and poignant events, places that make me remember significant events in my life. 

I can never forget when I was a kid, my mama always takes me with her to the couturier and she would always ask my opinion on the designs of her gowns. My sister was one of my style icons. She would mix and match outfits that you think won't go together but works in totality.

I obey two style icons. They are quite contradicting in some sense but works for me.


Iris Apfel - "More is more and less is a bore."

Coco Chanel - “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”





  • To create garments that evoke emotions.

  • To bring a style that is both fashionable and sustainable.

  • To push the wearability of avant-garde aesthetics.




Unique and bespoke pieces

Limited ready-to-wear collections

Controlled production for exclusivity


Couture wearability

Quirky style

Inspirational designs


Locally made in New Zealand

Promotes garment-longevity

Thoughtfully sourced materials


  • Print art featured on McQueen Instagram in 2019.

  • Filipino Fashion Supremo - Business Excellence Awardee 2021 - Filipino Migrant News.

  • Featured on Clash of the Tartans - Fashion Quarterly Winter 2021 "The Happiness Issue".

  • Ruscoe is featured on New Zealand Fashion Week 2018 as one of the emerging couture designers.




  • GlamourUK digital shop feature 2019-2020 AW and SS

  • GlamourUK Magazine feature 2019-2020


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